Excellence and Innovation Education: Global Practices and Future Trends

HE Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Al-Naimi

Deputy Minister, Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Doha-State of Qatar

This keynote presents a number of ideas relevant to innovation in basic and higher education; discusses a wide variety of issues and efforts that must be taken into account when improving education and supporting innovation in a broader sense; and, emphasizes the importance of productive thinking (e.g., creative thinking; critical thinking; creative problem solving; future problem solving; communication, collaboration) in educational improvement efforts. The intent is to inform research and practices on how to identify prerequisites for excellence and innovation in 21st century education. More specifically, the keynote attends to eight key topics: (a) global practices in innovation education; (b) the development of effective teaching/learning environments; (c) the establishment of excellence in education through innovative educational institutions; (d) productive thinking frameworks and strategies as keys to innovation; (e) strategy that magnifies the importance of innovative curricula and textbooks; (f) creative pedagogy, and the roles of all stakeholders in the achievement of educational excellence; (g) capitalizing on technological advancements in an increasingly digital world; and (h) future trends in innovation education.
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